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Bernhard Hammer


Bernhard Hammer has always been fascinated by material. At a young age he became a metal worker (locksmith) and a furniture designer. He took interest in architecture and the interrelation of space and decided to study stage and interior design at the Art Academy in Graz. Through the course of the years he became a stage designer by profession. He has worked with many directors, among others Hans Kresnik. Bernhard met director Theu Boermans in Vienna in 1996. They have cooperated ever since
and worked together on more than 25 theater productions, including one project with artist Jeff Koons. Theu Boermans and Bernhard Hammer worked at De Trust where Bernhard was the stage designer for among others De Kersentuin and Lulu. Later they joined hands at the Theatercompagnie where Bernhard was responsible for the stage design of among others Gilgamesj, De eenzame weg and Olie. In 2010 Bernhard and Theu collaborated on Soldaat van Oranje – De Musical. Besides being a stage designer Bernhard makes installations with different elements of fine arts, usually with a theatrical background. For him the most exciting part of the creational process is to come up with the initial idea for a new production. Other recent productions include Il Trittico at the Bayerische Staatsoper and Jeanne d'Arc (Het Nationale Toneel). .
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Bayerische Staatsoper Il Trittico Stage direction: Lotte de Beer <p style="text-align: cente More...

“De terugblik wordt visueel gemaakt met een op Walter Benjamin geïnspireerde ‘tijdtunnel’ (decor: Bernhard Hammer), die verbluffend veelzijdig blijkt te zijn en het publiek prachtig meeneemt op de reis door de verschillende tijdperken van de drie opera’s.” – Place de l’Opera